6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Access Control

Ensuring the security of your business is not only smart, it’s incredibly easy and not at all disruptive.

Security is the catchphrase of the day. Businesses with one location or several have the same concerns — how to keep their business secure from threats. That’s why cloud-based security technology is so right for the times. By using cloud-based access control, you gain the freedom to manage one or several locations from any computer or smart phone, no matter where you are.

Here are 6 Smart Reasons why you should consider cloud-based access control for your business.

1 Mobile Convenience

Think about how much you rely on your mobile phone — you share documents,
access your bank accounts, control your thermostat, manage your alarm system and more. Cloud-based access control allows you to access your customer records, submit invoices or share documents from any device, anywhere you are no matter what time of day or night.

2 Reliable Management & Maintenance

With a cloud solution, managing the software or hardware and the servers
that the system is hosted on, can simply be left to cloud access control providers who manage the entire service for you. The end result is higher uptime and
increased reliability because you are able to depend on people whose business it is to manage your system.

3 Better Physical Security

How secure is a lock and key, really? Replicating a key is not difficult and nobody intentionally loses their keys, they just do. But with a cloud-based access control system you have reliable security because the system is built and maintained by security experts and it provides real time management so you know instantly who is accessing what and when.

4 Instant Access to Data

No more waiting for days for a report when you can operate in real-time getting access to data anytime, anywhere. With cloud-based access control there’s no worry of your data getting lost because it’s securely stored in the cloud.

5 Integration

Cloud-based security solutions allow you to incorporate security services into other applications that you use. This is possible with an API or Application Programming Interface. You can use it to connect your digital businesses to the physical world. You can synchronize identity and credential data between databases and users. Companies can manage access control from within their own platform and offer it to their customers, vendors or employees.

6 Scalability

When you’re ready to expand your operations, it’s easy to add cloud-based access  control. Whether you’re adding doors or people, access control technology via the cloud gets you there.

When you consider the multiple advantages available to you with Cloud-Based Access Control Technology, it’s really an easy decision. No more key cards or fobs; software security patches when you need them; real-time visibility to your location; ready access to an activity log for inspection and audit; integrations that connect and share; and the ability to scale and expand your operation as needed.

Entrust your organization’s security to NTi and get on with the business of growing your business. Contact us today to get started.