8 Ways Structured Cabling Can Benefit Your Business

Structured cabling enables your business to become more efficient while significantly reducing the chances of network issues occurring due to a poorly designed and laid out network.

You could have the latest and greatest in computers, servers, and phone systems, but if your cabling isn’t up to par or if the architecture was poorly thought out, you’re going to inevitably wind up with problems.

Here are eight reasons why structured cabling can benefit your business.

Decreased Downtime

Networks go down for a variety of reasons. Employees can’t dial out, phone calls can’t get through, and the internet stops working. The cost of this downtime is tremendous. The only option is to call out a technician and hope they can fix what went wrong.

The length (and cost) of repairs depends in part on how well your network is wired. For example, if you have poorly laid out wiring, the technician will have to deal with a spaghetti-like mess of intertwined cables. It will take him a lot longer to perform the repairs.

However, if you already had structured cabling installed, the technician will have a much easier (and quicker) time of locating and fixing the problem. The end result is your network comes back online much faster.


A well-performed structured cabling job looks visually appealing. The wires are bundled together in an orderly fashion, and associated components are installed securely.

This provides a more professional appearance to outside visitors versus a tangled nest of cables and components.

With structured cabling, wires won’t be hanging from ceilings, and the chances of someone accidentally tripping over, cutting, or unintentionally pulling the wrong cable are slim to none.

Customized to Your Business

Beware of structured cabling providers that offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Your business is unique, and your structured cabling should be custom-designed to fit your current and future needs.

You’ll also be able to upgrade your system without needing an overhaul of your existing cabling. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of money and time versus having to rewire significant portions of the system when you need a future upgrade.


Structured cabling offers a highly flexible and scalable network that can easily manage the high demands that current and future technology places upon it. It can also significantly reduce maintenance and power costs and allow repair technicians to identify and locate any issues quickly—this can save you a tremendous amount of money in service fees. 

Improved Security 

Modern structured cabling projects come with many advanced security features that can help prevent unauthorized access. For example, suppose your internal network is insecure. In that case, it can allow bad actors to enter into it and perform ransomware attacks, which essentially locks up your data until you pay the attacker a hefty fee.

Improved Communications

Many businesses nowadays have more than one office. You can configure your structured cabling to tie all of your offices and buildings together into one seamless experience for you and your workers. Structured cabling helps simplify complex business problems and allows for all of your offices and facilities to operate as if they were located right next door to each other.

Easier to Manage

A professional structured cabling job, like that performed by NTi, is highly organized and efficient in the way that it’s set up. This makes it much easier to manage and upgrade, and your business will reap the benefits many years into the future.

With non-structured cabling, you’ll have wires and devices scattered about and it’s anyone’s guess as to what wire goes where or how to perform basic repairs or maintenance.


Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. What’s modern today might not be so up-to-date in the future. Your structured cabling system will be able to support the latest and greatest in emerging applications and devices. You can also scale up or down without the fear of a significant rewire job. If you decide to move offices, you can also take apart your system and move it to a new location.

Structured Cabling for Your Business 

There are many benefits to having structured cabling installed in your office. It will future-proof your business for many years to come while allowing your business to take advantage of the latest and greatest in technology.

At NTi, we have over 30 years of experience providing customers with high-quality structured cabling services that fit their budget. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and value a structured cabling project will offer your business.

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