Elevate Learning with

Highly Connected & Secure Academic Environments

UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES for Education optimizes collaboration and knowledge sharing across traditional and online learning environments from within the cloud.

Univerge Blue

Everything as a Service for Education

UNIVERGE BLUE enables educational institutions to realize highly connected and secure learning environments that improve academic performance, protect data stores, and promote more enriching and interactive instruction, all from within the cloud and without the cost and hiring hassles of direct management.


Increased Engagement

More engaging and rewarding learning experiences through the immersive sharing of ideas, materials, and information supported by varied and effortless student/faculty interaction.

Greater Collaboration

The possibility of virtualized collaboration that expands beyond the traditional classroom or lecture halls to include teacher, student, and study group real-time instruction and content exchanges.

Simplified Conenctivity

Fully integrated and easy-to-use cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions that meet your campus top priorities: reliability, security, mobility, flexibility, scalability, and affordability.

Adaptive Services

Scalable, customizable services capable of responding according to academic year, peak activity times, and unexpected or special occasions so costs align with actual use and availability remains primed.



  • Wide area surveillance to adequately cover exterior and interior spaces without violating individuals’ privacy and/or labor agreements
  • A safe and secure environment impenetrable to intruders while retaining a fluid environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to freely navigate the facilities and grounds they need to access
  • Limited staff to cover security, fire and life safety


  • Quickly verify conditions when incidents or threats arise
  • Seamless communication
    by making their existing emergency response protocol real-time and utilizing a truly integrated security system between administrators and first responders
  • Send timely update and emergency notifications with visiting groups, students, faculty and staff to provide them the same sent to first responders


  • Better synchronization and integration between technologies and devices
  • Avoiding mistakes, data loss or data hacking
  • Security solutions must deliver more coverage and functionality while also being cost-effective to deploy