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Embracing Change

To ensure the best possible guest experience, environments must cater to visitors with services that are convenient, personalized, and secure. Increasingly as guests adopt digital expediencies in other areas of their personal lives, the hospitality industry must adapt too and provide similar experiences suited to their individual properties and brands but most of all their guests’ expectations.

Meeting Expectations

We have the ability to help create memorable guest experiences. Our solutions and services work to deliver tech-rich environments so staff members can work smarter, guests can customize their stay through self-management and safety is provided in a more secure yet non-intrusive manner. With NEC's solutions, services, and flexible hosting models efficient and responsive environments are built founded on scalability, capability, and cost efficiency.

Solutions that Deliver

Access Control

An automated access management service with customizable branding and support functions that guide employees and visitors intuitively through the check-in/check-out process and helps keep specific locations secure from unauthorized individuals.

Cloud Migration

Design, manage and streamline processes across the organization and at specific locations with a choice of cloud-based and cloud on-premises services and solutions that improve communications, worker experiences, data protection and facility management from the convenience of the cloud.

Integrated Collaboration

Fully integrated cloud-based unified communications that combines phone, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a single seamless experience along with on-premises options that deliver the responsiveness and cooperation needed for today’s increasingly connected workforce.


A suite of highly intuitive desktop telephones, in-building wireless systems and softphones to equips the workplace so employees can act quickly whether responding to a call or when reaching out to someone or staying connect when remote or on the move.


Solutions that increase on-premises safety to make a location safer and more secure through increased oversight and automated processes that streamline common functions.

Space Management

An integrated physical workplace app that centralizes and automates parking spaces and includes proximity tracing, wayfinding and environmental monitoring and management, making it ideal for hospitality revenues that cater to conferences or major events.

Tailored Solutions

Our hospitality team has the experience, tools, services, and technologies to deliver:

Easier and broader access to pertinent information enables attentive service that cultivates guest satisfaction.

Streamlined and coordinated messaging permits smarter and more proficient support of high-end guest care.

Pre-configured and customized service-oriented infrastructure promotes business continuity to strengthen brand reputation.

Adaptive functionality elevates operational efficiencies for increased propriety oversight and better guest handling.

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