How UCaaS Will Streamline Your Business

UCaaS makes upgrading business communications so easy to accomplish, why would anyone choose less?

To fully understand and appreciate the advantages of Unified Communications as a Service, (UCaaS) and how it will streamline your business, consider this short analogy:

Imagine you were tasked with creating a massive structure for a water reservoir with a service area of 95,000 acres, a maximum depth of 180 feet, and a project deadline of 4 weeks. You have the choice of heavy duty shovels and as many people as you need to hire to unearth tons of solid ground; or you have the option to use a state of the art all-electric CAT excavator remotely controlled by 3 alternating teams of two people, working 24/7. Which would you choose?

That’s an easy decision to make, right? Believe it or not, choosing a UCaaS solution for your business communication is a decision that’s even easier.

UCaaS provides collaborative online tools that work anywhere, with functionality across a user’s computer, desk phone, and smart phone, making it a preferred choice for most businesses.

The most significant advantage to a UCaaS solution is integration. Integrating UCaaS with customers’ existing sales and operations software is easily and expertly done when you work with NTi.

NTi will skillfully guide you through the pros and cons of the top solutions, clarifying the comparison and contrast of UCaaS and VoIP systems. Once you streamline and simplify your organization’s business communications and operational resources, you’ll experience and profit from the many benefits of UCaaS.

One obvious reason why companies adopt UCaaS is to let their employees work anywhere, especially since remote working is here to stay. And employees love UCaaS.

But there’s more to it than that.

One significant problem UCaaS solves is the uncertainty from many separate, disparate communication apps. UCaaS brings VoIP, video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration tools together as one.

While UCaaS has its roots in VoIP, it does so much more.

UCaaS has proven itself as the most resilient enterprise communication service. Companies no longer have to run analog phone lines to every person to talk or work on projects. UCaaS also operates in the cloud, which means it will withstand natural disasters.

What would happen if your service went down? Without a back-up plan, you would be depending on your system, which might be outdated, bringing your business operations to a screeching halt. UCaaS has greater reliability than legacy phone systems and because it is cloud-based, you can be assured your business will not suffer interruption.

Essential UCaaS features that will reliably integrate and upgrade your business communications:

  • Voice: Phone service that includes call forwarding, call recording, and advanced call routing.
  • Video: One-to-one and multi-participant video conferencing for meetings with a personal touch. Guests can join via web conferencing.
  • Messaging: Internal team instant messaging that allows for individual and group-based real-time chat.
  • Collaboration – Tools that enhance workplace collaboration with scheduling, messaging, and project management.
  • Cloud-based – Hosted over the internet in a dedicated private cloud or secure data center, ensuring safer, uninterrupted operations.

For instance, changing the call routing of inbound calls takes only a few clicks. UCaaS simplifies otherwise technical telephony tasks. It’s easy to see why Unified Communications has become the norm in the business world and the most highly preferred solution among NTi’s customers.

Contact NTi today and learn how to successfully integrate your business communications.