Is Your Conference Room a Highly Efficient Hybrid Workspace?

Deploying the technology to bring remote and onsite employees together is no longer a choice, but an essential component for successful, efficient business communication.

Efficient is the key word here. Hybrid work has become the widely accepted “new norm”, first, as a result of the pandemic; and second, because workers discovered the advantages of working from home.

In an efficient hybrid workspace, you need audio and video technology that’s easy to use, low-touch, and compatible with the unified communications (UC) platforms your employees understand.

That’s why more than ever, businesses must be ready to adapt and embrace technology for a more collaborative, accessible, secure workplace. Whether interacting with employees, customers, or prospects, you need the best technology to efficiently connect, share, and communicate.

Smart Technology Decisions

If you don’t select efficient technology, or deploy it incorrectly, hybrid work interaction will not succeed. ‘Meeting equality’ is essential. The technology you deploy must be able to provide a consistent, professional virtual meeting experience, not only for those in the room, but also for those who are joining remotely. Anything less than ‘meeting equality’ leaves the remote employees feeling isolated, diminishing team unity and lowering productivity. Not to mention, the image of your business will suffer.

A comprehensively efficient solution known as Univerge Blue is a smarter, faster, engaging, and actionable meeting experience that puts ‘efficient’ front and center. To truly thrive in a world of ever-changing technology, you need the tools and capabilities to reach people, communicate clearly, and bring together the teams and/or the potential customers to keep your business moving forward.

Univerge Blue gives you the tools you need to do that. You’re able to invite and promote; tell your story with 1-click screen-sharing with up to 12 HD video presenters and up to 1,000 attendees; raise engagement by launching quick polls, sharing results in real-time, and gauging audience reactions to your content with emojis.

Bringing teams together from anywhere, anytime is the most productive benefit of hybrid working. Employees who work remotely and those who work from an office or central location can all be seamlessly joined through messaging, voice, video, file sharing, chat, and integrations, all in one with Univerge Blue.

Security Process

A security process that extends to hybrid and remote workers with monitoring and analytic tools can help you manage and track communications in the cloud, keeping users up and running while reducing IT issues. The right vendor will also be able to help you manage the security/patching needs of meeting endpoints, along with providing safeguards for the actual cloud communication.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Avoiding vendor lock-in can be critical to accommodating your customers and partners and for future-proofing your investment. Consider technology that offers a desired native experience with popular platforms that offer interoperability with others.

Vendor Services and Support

Do you have sufficient staff and resources to support your hybrid working initiatives? Do you need to draw on vendor expertise for things like strategic planning, sizing, and aligning of your group spaces? Vendor services can streamline your hybrid working planning to move ahead quickly.

Business communication technology, security and vendor services are all important decisions in making your conference room ready for efficient hybrid work, as well as creating a cohesive, collaborative, company-wide environment.

NTi will guide you to a comprehensive business communication solution that is aligned precisely with your business needs. Isn’t it time you make your hybrid work environment the best it can be?

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