How to Maximize Your Hybrid Meetings – Measuring Success

Are you calling your final speech or point in meetings the end? By the end of this blog we hope to change that. Truly successful meetings deliver results past the meetings, sometimes days or weeks later. Meetings are to plan, plant and nurture seeds for your business – which all take time. To achieve flourishing plants you have to take multiple steps after the initial planting.

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Whether it is an internal meeting or an event, you should pre-determine what information you want gathered during this hybrid meeting. Some examples include:

  • Contact Information
  • Potential Problem Resolutions
  • Updates on a Project
  • Attendee Feedback

Having clearly defined goals and expectations will enable you to look back after a meeting to determiner your success.

Post-Meeting Questions

After your meeting or event ask yourself these important questions:

  • Was my meeting’s purpose & goals clear?
  • Was collaboration and open discussion going to achieve / improve my goal?
  • Was the meeting goal complex or sensitive in topic?

Answering these questions yourself as well as getting your attendees to answer will improve your meeting space. What went well? How do you replicate that success? What could have gone better, and how could that be changed for the next meeting?



The secret lies in the follow-up from hybrid events and meetings. Whether it is a survey, email or follow-up meeting with a portion of attendees, hearing feedback is crucial to improving your hybrid space.

Retrospective meetings are specific meetings where teams get together and review what went well and what didn’t go so well over a specific period of time. Running a retrospective with your team can uncover helpful insights to iterate and continuously improve on your hybrid meeting processes.

Virtual Attendees

A successful hybrid event will somehow erase the screen that separates your audience. You can maximize participation by including a virtual audience, but that audience must feel included. Ask yourself and attendees if they felt included. Did you receive the engagement from virtual attendees your expected? If not, revisit pre-meeting tips.

You’re not going to conduct a perfect hybrid meeting the first time, or even second time out. Instead of hoping for perfection, think logically and set your sights on continuous improvement: Make each hybrid meeting better than the last.