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Business Phone Systems

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Digital and IP Phone Systems
  • Top considerations: lowest overall cost option, flexibility, scalable and ease of use.
  • Provide digital, IP or hybrid systems to fit your business’s unique needs.
  • Installation is simple and quick with onsite training and 24/7 support.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing communications technology.
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Unified Communications and Cloud Systems
  • Top considerations: low upfront cost, leading collaboration tools, seamless business continuity, flexible subscription plans for one simple monthly payment.
  • Secure, scalable and streamlined user experience.
  • Installation and set-up done onsite with trained technicians.
  • No matter the company size, we have a flexible spending plan.

Strategic Business Technology Partners

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Additionally service Avaya, Toshiba, Samsung, Nortel, Vodavi and others
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Strategic Technology Partners

Security for Business and Employees

Commercial Access Control and Security Solutions

All of our solutions work in unison to restrict, control, and monitor access to your business environment.

  • We support your business needs with a free review and quote.
  • Local technicians and staff provide onsite installation, training and support.
  • Industry leading technology provides cloud-based surveillance, tracking and storage.
  • Flexible spending plans to accommodate the needs of your business.

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Plan, Repair and Install

Structured Network Cabling

Our structured network cabling solutions are designed in-house and custom tailored to your business environment. We test, troubleshoot, define and label the most up-to-date cable lines that power your business. Learn more about Cable Project Management here.

Cat 3: Untwisted pair of cable commonly used for digital phone systems or voice communications cabling.
Cat 5e: Provides outstanding service and an affordable option for most data network infrastructures.
Cat 6: Desirable alternative to Cat5e with speeds 10x as fast.
Cat 6a: Copper cable standard designed to support 10 gigabit ethernet up to 100 meters.
Coaxial Cabling: Typically used for video transmission or for high-speed data applications.
Fiber Optic Cabling: Offers top speeds and reliability for sophisticated networks. Used for high-speed applications, connecting networks, MDF’s to IDF’s, building to building, or for cable runs over 300 feet

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Collaboration Technology

Audio Visual & Conference Room Technology

It may be your conference room, consultation space or the executive boardroom. To others it’s fondly called the huddle space. Whatever the name may be, it’s the place you rely on to communicate with internal and external teams, current customers, and new prospects.

Types of Technology

  • Traditional Conference Room: The traditional conference room is the best set up for an on-site team that does not need to communicate with out of office persons. Here you may have several monitors for screen-sharing, speakers for clear audio, a white-board and sound masking.
  • Hybrid Meetings: When some attendees are remote, or in different locations, modern technology can seamlessly create a space for collaboration. For a space used in hybrid conference rooms you may need additional cameras, microphones, sound masking for improved audio clarity and security, digital compatible white-board and specifically desired features that will improve the quality of meetings for all attendees.
  • Digital Signage: Typically used for conveying information in a public & often-used place, digital signage is fully customizable messaging on a tv/display board. Other uses include menus, directional maps or fire escape routes, promotions or employee announcements.
  • Sound Masking:  Whether your office is next to another, or has insecure glass, sound masking can prevent non-attendees hearing in on a meeting.

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