What is a Premise Based Phone System?

Premise based phone systems, a traditional phone system, starts back with POTS. Post Office Telephone Service became Plain Old Telephone Service and has been around over 141 years, it is the most basic telephone call service that consumer and businesses have been using since the 1880s — a single upgrade over the fundamental phone system invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

How do POTS Line Work?

To implement a telephone call, the various elements of the POTS network work together to execute a sequence of steps. But, in general, POTS works by establishing a dedicated circuit (connection) between two points — Point A to Point B — for the duration of a transmission between them. Copper wires connect these two points.

Establishing the connection and enabling the parties to communicate over the POTS line, the call is routed over one or more switches operating locally, nationally, or internationally.

Voice transmission along the POTS line occurs when the sound waves are first converted into electrical analog signals that flow through the network. The copper wires carry these signals with the help of switches. These signals are then converted back into sound waves that enable them to hear the caller.

Copper wires are generally susceptible to noise, which creates interference over the network. This leads to signals getting weaker as they travel over longer distances, so amplification may be required to carry them to their destination. Which is part of why phone service providers are getting rid of copper lines.

The Traditional Phone System

The traditional phone system is the technology that relies on copper POTS lines, being the designated end points for Point A and Point B of phone calls. The traditional phone system is a perfect match for a business that has no remote or hybrid employees, does the majority of it’s business on site and does not use multiple communication devices or collaboration tools.

Premise phone systems use service rooms for ‘switches’ and in some cases SIP Trunks that run the individual phone lines throughout your office. All of this standardly take an IT team of varied size to match your businesses needs to maintain, service and keep operational with any changes to staff, environment or updates.

This style of phone can be more cost effective if you consider the total cost of ownership of premise vs. hosted phone systems. Factors on total cost of ownership will vary on employee size, use of phone systems, needed features and location. Factors like these can lead to simpler billing for a simpler phone system.

NTi is the leading provider of business phone systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We proudly offer:

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• Rapid responses (be in touch within an hour!)
• An eagerness to help, support and train
• Provide convenience, features, and options with expert advice
• Ability to chat with a human online or onsite
• Multiple customer service channels, online 24/7

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Benefits of Having a Traditional Phone System for Your Business
  • Cost: A premise phone system is a single, larger, cost without monthly recurring payments.
  • Equipment is long term with no need for plans or feature upgrades and can work on old cabling infrastructure which can be costly to upgrade.
  • Installation is simple and quick with onsite support and training.
  • Newer phone systems can be powered off copper lines or fiber.
  • Internet going down or being in an area without service options is not a concern for traditional phone systems.
  • POE – Power Over Ethernet means one cable ran can power your business’s phone system.
  • Perfect for offices without remote or hybrid work environments!
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