What Features Do You Need in Your New Telesystem?

Select what will benefit your team  most and let NTi guide your options.

Choosing a new phone system can be challenging, but even more so if you make the mistake of under-valuing the importance of the ‘customer experience’. For example, how many buttons does a customer have to push before speaking to a person?  Is there an easy way for callers to immediately talk to someone versus having to wait for a long prerecorded message?

This kind of customer experience will only discourage and frustrate customers, whether they are existing ones or prospective answer-seekers. This is not the way at NTi.

When you think of your new telesystem from the perspectives of your customers and your employees, you will make smarter choices to ensure greater satisfaction for both. Choosing a telesystem that will provide user-friendly, fast answers will result in a smoother process. That’s how NTi thinks about it.

There are a wide variety of optional phone features to choose from. Consider what works best for you and your team.

  • Caller ID – Let’s you know who’s calling
  • Call logging – Records calls for future reference or training purposes
  • Interactive voice response – Allows humans to interact with a computer-operated phone system through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad
  • Multiple lines – A must-have  for growing businesses
  • Music on Hold – Your choice of music or sales messages
  • Speakerphone – Hands-free convenience for meetings or group calls
  • Voice mail – A reliable way to never miss calls
  • Voice mail to email – Transmits to email from voice mail via MP3 or WAV audio message
  • Auto Attendant – Automatically process calls round the clock
  • Auto Dialer – Can be used to dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously

Some advanced business phone systems also include AI technology, which listens to the person’s responses, then determine which problems require specific human intervention. Waiting for answers is a thing of  the past. Our skilled local technicians and support staff are on call to solve your business needs 24/7.

And probably one of the most important and over-arching features of a first class telesystems is true, quality customer service. It comes with building a relationship and a comfort level that ensures trust and reliability.

A key advantage of working with NTi is that you have a personal contact who is your go-to for answers and solutions. Never mind talking with 10 people, being passed around from one person to another and still not getting answers. You will have immediate access to get your questions answered, problems resolved, and a resourceful, caring individual to get it done for you.

NTi has been helping customers with business telesystems since 1987, so you can confidently rely on our proven industry experts to guide you. More than 11,000+ satisfied customers will attest to that.

Whether you need business phone systems, access control and security solutions, structured cabling, or managed IT services — we do it all. NTi wants to be your telesystems provider of choice. Let us know when you would like to chat about what you need.