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The White-Glove Implementation is an optional package specific to NTi technologies, which once you know the purpose you will likely be reluctant to forgo its benefits.
The onetime, single fee is to have us handle all the install, programming and set-up processes for you. This endeavor normally will bog down a business operator or manager for 4-6 weeks after a decision on a solution is made.

We interview the required individual/s to determine how best to configure service and programing to the new system. Things like ‘when which phone rings’ and ‘what happens when they don’t answer’ and ‘what doors lock when’ and ‘what features are accustomed to being seen by your team’, and many more will all be established, all you do is answer the questions. This is the process to take these suitable solutions and turn them into the perfect system customized to answer your business’s unique needs.

Our technicians install all the equipment and required adapters onsite and test everything to make sure it’s ready for you. From our own to what may have been installed previously.

The last piece is to train your employees on their new system. This ensures that they can go immediately to optimizing their new features & increasing productivity without the pains or frustrations of learning by themselves.

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Our White-Glove Service is what sets us proudly apart in our industry. From phone systems, access control, security cameras, cabling & conference room technology; all of our services are eligible for the benefits:

  • Easy installment without work from you & your teams part
  • Timely service & installments
  • Brief interviews you schedule with your representative to ensure you solution is matched precisely to your needs
  • 24/7 support to answer questions or trouble-shoot issues
  • On-site or remote training on every solution installed for all who will be using the equipment
  • No “Out of the Box” hassle or surprises

Contact us today to learn more about our services and the value they add to your business.

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Premise & Cloud Based Phone Systems

Top considerations when choosing a phone system for your business include what features you and your team will not just now, but in 2-5 years. Planning for the future is a key element. NTi expert will also determine to make your solution custom:

  • When phones should ring a different number or device, such as when one office may take their lunch break.
  • How best your multiple locations can communicate with each other
  • If you use video conferencing, what tools do you need to integrate with
  • What features will benefit your team, and how will they be acquainted with them
  • And everything that makes your business unique we take into account.
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AV & Conference Room Technology

Your meeting room may have a different name, or go by several, however no matter if it’s a huddle space, conference room or Zoom Room – you need the right technology, at the right price. Where your team collaborates, NTi focuses in on efficiency and combability.

Efficiency for your space, your budget and your team.
Combability for your current and future tools, you and your teams IT support and knowledge, as well as your unique needs from your meeting rooms.

From traditional conference rooms, hybrid or fully remote rooms, sound masking, improving audio clarity, video quality and digital signage, NTi is here for you.

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Holding cables
Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling project management is what makes projects successful. Planning each step accordingly, being aware of supply or building hurdles and maximizing cable space and usage for your business equals ROI for your business.

No matter the type of cabling you require or in need of repaired, doing it right means no down-time and seamless transitions. NTi experts have worked with structured cabling for over three decades with over thousands of customers across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our technician are always local and looking for the best final solution, not just a result.

Structured cabling has a lot of benefits for your technology as well, learn more here.

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Brivo Smart Pass: Access Control
Security Solutions

When it comes to securing your business, there needs to be absolute certainty for you.
How will this solution offer ROI for your business?
Will this solution match your buildings structure?
How will this system affect your teams day-to-day?
What tracking and monitoring do you need?

Experience with security and the solutions to keep your team safe will answer all of these questions easily. From standard security camera systems, premise and cloud based access control, thermal monitoring, license plate recognition to traffic mapping, NTi have experts to assist you.

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Kim FlemingKim Fleming
13:14 24 May 22
We have worked with National Telesystems for several years. During our recent move, they provided us with great service, recognized and accommodated us when work became urgent and met our needs all the through the process. Working with this team was a pleasure and I would highly recommend National Telesystems for your telephone and cabling needs.
Justin BauerJustin Bauer
20:51 09 Nov 21
Enjoy working with both the project and support teams for our numerous systems.
Michael TopaMichael Topa
16:47 14 Sep 21
Excellent partnership where the COO walked the project in advance to assure they would meet our schedule. Great planning and execution by the onsite team. Flexible, customer centric and responsive to identified problems. I highly recommend them.
Max SteadhamMax Steadham
20:56 03 Mar 21
Expert staff and very capable of taking care of any telephone need
Glen HydenGlen Hyden
16:20 07 Oct 20
My Company replaced a 10+ year-old phone system with a new one through National Telesystems Inc and the whole process was awesome from the point-of-sale, project management, installation and add-on services. The actual switchover was seamless from the old to the new systems with absolutely no interruption to our workflow and it was a hassle-free process that made me breathe easier as the accountable manager of the project and for the entire Company. I enthusiatically recommend National Telesystems Inc.